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We have a large clientele proving our ability to handle your unique and most demanding insurance needs. Our clients consist of individuals, SME’s, partnerships, large businesses, huge corporations, government agencies and parastatals, county governments international corporations and businesses and much more. Here are some of the clients we’ve served  

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We have made alliances, long lasting and reliable partnership with the most efficient and reliable service providers across the country and beyond the borders just to ensure that you are well served wherever you go. Our partners have made big names for themselves in their relevant sectors. So just relax as we’ve got you covered.

What you need to know

Here are a few things that you need to know and understand when you are looking to buy an insurance policy. Always practice them as they will help to understand the product you are purchasing to ensure that you get the best value for money and a product that fully caters for your insurance needs, making changes to your needs, and how to report a claim

Contact Trident Insurance directly or use our partner insurance agents or brokers for your insurance needs. Check the insurance regulatory authority website to ensure the agent or broker you use is licensed.

It is the responsibility of the consumer to be honest with the information given to the Trident Insurance Company. They should ensure that no material information is withheld when taking up a policy

This is the contract between a customer and Trident Insurance Company.

The policy outlines what is covered and what is not covered. It also contains other critical details that the customer or the insured needs to know.

A policy document contains the following information: 

The type of policy

The name and address of the insured and the insurer

The event /circumstances upon occurrence in which the loss becomes payable

The incidences in which a loss is not payable

Duration of cover

The sums insured and other benefits

Premium amount

It is very important for customers to read and understand the policy document. Feel free to contact Trident Insurance or any of our agents / broker on any area that is not clear within two weeks of receiving it.

Making a change to your insurance policy is possible. Get in touch with us our insurance agents or insurance  brokers.

You should always communicate with the insurance company, agent or broker in case of any issues regarding the insurance products.

If the insured incident occurs, inform the insurance company, agent or broker immediately. If the incident is criminal such as theft, immediately notify the police.

You will be required to complete a claim form and provide documents to support the claim.

You should provide timely responses to any question or queries that the insurance company may request for during the claims processing period.

Insurance companies are required by law to process claims within 90 days after receiving all necessary documentation.